Surfing conditions, traffic conditions , weather data and HummerCam.
Tides at Princeton Harbor    Traffic? Is Devils Slide still open?

    How's the weather?    Doppler Radar

Surfing and traffic conditions at Linda Mar Beach and Highway 1. Telephoto and HummerCam views of Linda Mar Beach from Pedro Point. Click on the above images for sequences. 


Telephoto Sequence from the last few images (250K bytes)
AVI Movie of recent few minutes (500K bytes)
Normal Lens Sequence of last twelve images, now with HummerCam (250k bytes)

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Here are some current views of the sun from The orange image is about what you'd see with a pair of welding goggles, grey image shows a magnetic field image, and the blue image is an ultraviolet image. Click on the sun images for a short animation of the last few images. Finally, we're getting some decent sun spots. We were stuck in the cycle lull, not seen for a hundred years.  The last time we were stuck this way for an extended period of time, we had a mini-ice age that killed the entire population of Greenland and nearly froze George Washington and our revolution at Valley Forge. For more info go to

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I bought a new weather station.  It keeps crashing on me and gobbles lots of computer resources.  I'll move it to the webcam computer as soon as I figure out how to make it stable.  In the mean time, I'll have it publish the current info.  Forget the wind direction - I'm half way up San Pedro Mountain, so there IS no wind direction, but the other data should be correct, at least for the time/date listed:

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